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Hailey Cusimano has been tutoring test prep for over 10 years, and has helped thousands of GMAT, GRE, and EA students achieve their goal scores and improvements. She has had the privilege of partnering with top universities and test providers to run educational webinars, presentations, and podcasts showcasing her standardized test expertise. Hailey is fluent in all sections of each exam, and enjoys the challenge of understanding each student’s individual learning style and developing a plan that suits each student’s needs.

Hailey emphasizes a strategy-driven approach to test preparation, centered on the idea that every student’s learning style is different. With this approach, she has been able to coach thousands of students around the world to success on the GMAT, GRE, and EA with study techniques, strategies, and content MBA admissions exams have to offer.

In her test prep teaching experiences, Hailey has had the opportunity to work with students with learning differences, non-native English speakers, top 1% seekers, and everywhere in between, and thrives on the challenge of helping students unlock their full score potential. Hailey has been able to guide her GMAT students to score increases of over 200 points, often to 99th percentile scores and admittance into M7 business programs. Hailey focuses her sessions on patience and receptiveness, and enjoys understanding and attacking the unique challenges each student encounters in their test prep journeys!

My Approach

Maximize the efficiency of your GMAT preparation


Customized Lesson plans that encourage a question to question approach and maximize your content review


Self-study to develop and reinforce content-knowledge


Targeted practice programs designed to pinpoint impactful opportunities for improvement and develop test day strategies to maximize your success


Walk into test day with the confidence you need to succeed

Student Testimonials


"Hailey Cusimano was my GMAT tutor, and it was an excellent experience, helping me improve my score by 40 points (and score verbal in the 98% percentile). I initially took the real test after a few weeks of self-study and scored under my goal. I had ~three months to go before the R2 deadline, and I was working full time in a demanding job, plus starting the rest of the app simultaneously. Needless to say, I didn't have a lot of room to get my prep wrong in those few months. A few things that really impressed me about Hailey (1) never underestimate how important it is to have someone with a cheerful, can-do disposition coaching you. Hailey is in your corner the entire time. The psychological impact of this can be huge. (2) Listen well to how she thinks about verbal questions. She taught me to forget about trying to memorize endless grammar rules for SC, and instead focus on strategy and answer splits - which is the right way to go. Similarly for CR, I could almost hear her voice in my head when I was answering questions in the real exam "the prompt's conclusion is "x", but if "y" were true, then the argument would not make sense" 🙂 (3) She taught me the right way to improve areas of weakness in quant, and the right way to keep studying - I truly would have had no direction about 'what' or 'how' to study next without her. Highly recommend!"


"I worked with Hailey Cusimano for the GMAT. Hailey is absolutely incredible, and it is thanks to her that I increased my score by 50 points to reach 750!

Hailey didn’t just focus on why I got a particular question wrong. She asked me to walk her through my thought process while answering the questions. Thanks to that, Hailey can figure out the faults in my reasoning and prevent me from repeating those mistakes. For example, in CR Hailey quickly figured out that my lack of structure was misleading me into answering the wrong question. She immediately formulated a plan of attack and asked me to do consistent, targeted practice. As a result, I was able to answer questions confidently and correctly in a shorter amount of time.

Beyond that, Hailey is the most supportive and positive tutor ever. She’s always on your side and knows just what to say. I always come out of our tutoring sessions feeling so much better and so ready to tackle the GMAT.

I recommend Hailey wholeheartedly. I definitely think she is the best there is. Thank you SO MUCH, Hailey!"


"Hailey was an incredible GMAT tutor. We worked on a tight timeline – I was looking to score at least 10 points higher than my first result (750), with an emphasis on improving Verbal, and had 16 days before my second attempt. Throughout the 2 weeks, Hailey was extremely enthusiastic, well-spoken, and transparent. She came to each session with a clear plan of attack, intentionally focusing on challenging, high-impact questions and taking a comprehensive approach to identifying where errors occurred in my thought process. She was great at explaining anything I was confused about, and fundamentally changed the way I looked at Verbal questions – it only took one session for me to feel way more confident in my approach and my answers. Hailey was also extremely encouraging and made me feel so supported throughout our preparation. I ended up getting a 770 at the end of those 2 weeks (3 sessions), with a 4 point increase in Verbal."


"Hailey Cusimano's incredible tutoring saved me!


During a time in which I struggled to find the right GMAT tutor, along with having spent two years and thousands of dollars into the test with no improvement in my score, I discovered Hailey Cusimano through a friend, and she is the sole individual responsible for helping me to increase my score over 140 points! Hailey is hands down the best tutor whom I’ve worked with in all of my time in academia! Hailey has helped me in unimaginable ways, leading to my increased performance on my second GMAT, and later acceptance into graduate school!

From the very first session, Hailey’s vast knowledge on the entire process of preparing for and taking the GMAT certainly became evident, but what really stood out was her great concentration of knowledge and experience from what I could tell was built up through years of tutoring for the GMAT! Hailey has proved to be highly effective as my tutor as she not only understands many of the pitfalls from a student’s perspective but also has a clear teaching style and focuses on sharing the most effective techniques for approaching various questions, along with great strategies for students to implement during their preparation and on test day too! I’ve found her step-by-step processes and techniques for solving problems to be highly effective, especially having been in a position previously where I was struggling on methods and processes for approaching different types of questions. 

Overall, Hailey more than exceeded my expectations! Her ability to work one-on-one in assisting me and answer my varying questions has been tremendously helpful and I truly wouldn’t have been able to do this without Hailey’s tutoring and support! From her knowledge, experience, and familiarity with the GMAT to the resources she’s developed, along with her great passion for helping students like me, Hailey is your tutor when it comes time to preparing for the GMAT! Hailey really goes to significant lengths to see students improve their scores considerably on the GMAT and is truly dedicated as an individual! I wouldn’t have gone with any other tutor for the GMAT and would recommend Hailey to anyone, whether you’re just getting started or well into your studies!"


"My journey with Hailey started after not reaching on my own the GMAT score I wanted. After two attempts, I was still stuck with 680. I tried to avoid getting a tutor because I wanted to manage it with my own forces and knowledge, but I ended up understanding that it has definitely been the best investment I did with GMAT.

I was put in contact with Hailey and was immediately happy about it, because of the outstanding reviews I read about her. I felt she genuinely cared about me and my goals, and it has always been so through the two months preparation with her. She helped me to identify my weaknesses and to target them (she is incredibly good at it), and within some weeks I was already seeing the first results. She tailored a study plan based on my past experience with GMAT and my needs, and then she fully put herself in supporting me and helping me to achieve the desired score. In my case, I struggled not only with verbal, but I was not so confident about my capabilities. She was not only a perfect teacher, but also an excellent moral supporter.

We constantly kept in touch via email, and she was immediately there if I needed something urgent. I never felt neglected, and she has always been in such a good mood, it was almost a pleasure preparing GMAT. She always went above and beyond, and only thanks to her, I achieved a 730.

My two cents are, if you can afford it, save your own time and get in touch with her. She will definitely bring you to results you didn’t expect you could achieve."


"Hailey Cusimano is THE best!!


I had Hailey Cusimano as an instructor, and she was amazing!! She never made you feel like you had a dumb question, and she was truly invested in seeing her students succeed.


I took the test in Nov 2019 and did not receive the score I wanted at all. I immediately emailed Hailey and she was so immensely helpful!! She reviewed my ESR report, and she even offered to analyze my old practice tests for me to provide more structured guidance. I then applied all of her gems and within 4.5 weeks was able to raise my score 110 points!


I recommend Hailey as an instructor because she is so encouraging and really reassures you that your goal score is attainable with the right approach. Without her willingness to help me after my first GMAT attempt, I probably would have blindly been going about my strategy completely wrong.


If you keep up with the material and then dig a bit deeper immediately after by following her advice, you should have no problems beating the GMAT!!"


"Working with Hailey was one of the biggest reasons that I was able to hit my target score on the GMAT. Each time I met with Hailey, she gave me the sense that she remembered my strengths and weaknesses intimately, which I really grew to appreciate. Her approach to working with students is positive, focused, patient, and nonjudgmental. Hailey is extremely adept at balancing strategic instruction with letting a student struggle through challenging problems and is capable of explaining both test-taking tactics and individual questions with no condescension whatsoever. When I started studying with Hailey, I had no study plan, no strategy for test day, and in hindsight, no hope of getting the score I wanted. Without her coaching and guidance, I simply would not have achieved my goals."


"Hailey Cusimano was the best tutor I've ever worked with! She was truly an encyclopedia and knew the answer to every question I asked her. Her knowledge of GMAT quant and verbal were unmatched, and she has a talent for explaining problems in a way that is easy to understand. In additional to this, she was always enthusiastic and encouraging! I could not have gone through the studying process and been successful without her."


"Hailey was a fantastic tutor. She has an extremely high level of expertise in GMAT math and was able to explain many of the problems in multiple ways until I really understood the  concepts. She also made sure to review questions I would send her beforehand and I think because of this, the sessions were very productive. I improved my Quant score by 9 points (38 to 47) and got a 730 overall (47 Q 44V). I could not have gotten my Quant in order nearly as fast or nearly as efficiently without Hailey's help."


"Working with Hailey made a not-so-fun process something that I looked forward to every week. Hailey brought a positive energy to each one of our sessions, and helped me build the confidence I needed to succeed on the GMAT. She helped provide the structure & consistency that I needed in my study schedule and recommended problem-solving strategies that were catered to my individual learning style. I was persistent about hitting my target GMAT score, and Hailey stuck by my side throughout the entire process. She worked with me to make minor refinements to my approach and celebrated my accomplishments. I would not have been able to hit my target score without Hailey's help!"


"Hailey was incredibly helpful in bolstering my score. Despite only having a few weeks to bump my score in order to adhere to R1 applications, Hailey was enthusiastic about working with me and incredibly intentional in

reating a bespoke program that would ensure I achieved my target score. She was kind, informative and a pleasure to work with."


"Hailey is very personable, understanding, and patient. She met me exactly where I was knowledge and strategy-wise and helped me feel like I was growing and kept our sessions very flexible in terms of content. Hailey was one of my biggest cheerleaders and gave me constant support!"


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